Bali Friendship Bracelet - Royal Blue and White

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It's time to show your team spirit. in our new collegiate color Love bracelets! Made by artisans from around the world, these beautiful bracelets bring to life your favorite team's colors in vibrant, eye-catching hues. Whether you're a fan of the hometown favorite or a die-hard supporter of a rival, these Love bracelets make a perfect addition to any ensemble from tailgate to homecoming. So go ahead and show your pride and support your team - with a stylish and meaningful piece of jewelry that's sure to last a lifetime. * Handmade with LOVE in Indonesia * Colorful, stackable, and fun! * Comes with a protective cloth pouch, gift tag & sticker * Adjustable length from 6.5-9.5 in. Diameter 2-3 in. Width 1/3 in. * Our bracelets are unique & handmade therefore slight variations in color may occur